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Stories of success won with determination

Can a farmer’s daughter unable to spend huge sums on schools and private coaching get into the coveted Indian Police Service?

Yes, one can. If anyone has doubts, meet Gowthami Sali. Daughter of a ryot from a remote village of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, she got into the prestigious IPS. “Being member of a farmer’s family and inability to spend thousands on education cannot stop one from achieving one’s goals,” the IPS probationer of 68th batch Regular Recruits says exuding confidence

Gearing up for the passing out parade to be held at the Academy on Thursday, the young IPS probationer recalled how her teachers inspired her. “They told me that not only students from elite schools and having capacity to afford better coaching but also those from humble background can also be successful,” Ms. Gowthami said.

Hers was a joint family with father’s siblings and their children living together in one house. After completing her engineering course, Ms. Gowthami took up job with a private company. Instead of relaxing after office hours, she used the time to prepare for Civil Services and realised her dream of becoming a police officer.

For software engineer K. Arif Hafeez, his father, a retired police officer, was the inspiration to get into IPS. Though career in software has some promising prospects, his father was always a driving force for him to get into the prestigious IPS focussing all his energies.

Patil Sangramsingh Ganpat Rao, a doctor, chose IPS which gives varied experiences about society. Some of his family members were doctors and he wanted a different path to serve people.

It was passion for policing that attracted Rakshitha K. Murthy, also an engineer and hailing from Karnataka, to IPS. For her, joining the police force was one of the best options to serve the needy and poor. “My friends used to joke that my name (Rakshitha meaning protection) has an element of policing and I achieved that goal,” she says with a smile.

A Hyderabadi and doctor, Chetana Mylabattula decided to prepare for Civil Services after learning about dowry harassment cases. Daughter of a journalist, she first got into the Indian Revenue Services. Determined to be a police officer, Ms. Chetana intensified her preparation and reached her goal.

source: / The Hindu / Home> News> Cities> Hyderabad / by Special Correspondent / Hyderabad – October 27th, 2016