Lecturer Eyes World Record with Non-stop 150-hr Lecture

Sangareddy :

A lecturer from Zaheerabad Degree College, B Maruthi Rao Patil is eyeing World Record by teaching Taxation and Accounts non-stop for 150 hours from morning of March 9 to afternoon of March 15.

The earlier record is that of a person from Haryana for 139 hours continuous teaching. So to break the old record and create the new record, Maruthi Rao decided to teach continuously for 150 hours.

He had previously taught for 17 hours continuously. According to the rules of the Guinness World Records, five minutes rest will be given after every one hour.

Thus one gets almost two hours rest in a day and he wants to use that time for his daily activities like food and other things. Avadhuth Maharaj from Bardipur Ashram is going to inaugurate this programme.

source: http://www.newindianexpress.com / The New Indian Express / Home> States> Telangana / by Express News Service / March 09th, 2015

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  1. Feeling proud to be Maruthi Rao’s Class Mate and Friend at Badruka College, Kachiguda. He is a dedicated and highly motivated person. He has very good knowledge about the subjects (TAXATION and COST ACCOUNTANCY).

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